Primark launches glamorous art deco-style bar cart... and it only costs £30!

Here at Craft Gin Club, we’re always on the lookout for a beautiful bar cart, so imagine our absolute delight when we found out about this gorgeous cocktail cart. Where’s it from? you cry! Some designer store, right? And it probably costs, well, some three-figure sum that we definitely can’t justify this Christmas, right?


Cocktail lovers, take a deep breath…

Source: Primark

Source: Primark

This stunning, art deco-style gold-lacquer bar cart, dear friends, is from none other than Primark.

Yes, Primark! And the cost?


Let’s just say that again: £30!

Before you all stampede off to your nearest Primark, we should add that it isn’t available to buy just yet, but is reportedly hitting the stores in mid-October.

It’s never too soon to write your Christmas gift list to Santa, right?!

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