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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted spirits

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted spirits

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Take this quiz and meet your Artisan Drinks icon!

Take this quiz and meet your Artisan Drinks icon!

Feb 8, 2021

We sent Artisan Drink’s brand new Amalfi Lime Tonic in our February 2021 Gin of the Month box for our members to try and they are loving its bright, sun-kissed citrus flavours.

Inspired by Artisan’s range of delicious drinks and the fabulous figures that you can find on each bottle (and on their 200ml cans now too – they are the perfect serve size!), which have been designed and given a unique story by Artisan’s co-founder, Alan Walsh, we have created this fun quiz for you to take.

Artisan Drinks' range

All that you have to do is design your perfect night in with a gin cocktail and we’ll pair you with an icon from Artisan Drinks’ original range of nine fabulous mixer drinks, which their Almalfi Lime Tonic has now joined.

Add up your points as you go and find the icon for you!

Design your perfect night in with a gin cocktail!

1) The first decision that needs to be made is where you will be spending your perfect night in.

Do you spend it snuggled up in bed? (1 point)


Is the living room your destination of choice? (2 points)

Living room

Do you prefer to sip the night away in your kitchen? (3 points)


2) Now that’s decided, it’s time to talk about what you’ll wear!

Do you take advantage of being at home and get comfy in your pyjamas? (1 point)


Is “smart casual” more to your taste? (2 point)

Smart casual

Are you going to make a special night of it and get dressed up in a cocktail dress or tux? (3 points)

Party dress

3) It couldn’t be a perfect night in without food, of course!

Are you a chocoholic? (1 point)


Do savoury delights like crisps and nuts get your taste buds tingling? (2 points)


Would you prefer to indulge in luxurious canapes for your special night? (3 points)


4) And for the night’s entertainment?

How about sticking on a good film or some delightfully trashy telly? (1 point)


Who’s for some games? (2 points)

Games night

Perhaps you just want to have a good chinwag? (3 points)


5) Last but certainly not least, which type of cocktail will you be making?

Will it be something quick and simple like a G&T or a three-ingredients cocktail? (1 point)

Simple cocktail

Perhaps you should get a little experimental with a hot cocktail or punch? (2 points)

Punch cocktail

Would you prefer to celebrate with a classic gin cocktail like a Negroni, Gimlet, Martini or French 75? (3 points)


Count up your points and find your icon!

Artisan Italian Princess

If you scored 5 points or less then it’s The Italian Princess for you!

Confident, elegant and used to luxurious comforts, this Italian Princess was seen and sketched by Artisan Drinks’ co-founder Alan Walsh on the island of Capri, bathed in the bright warmth of the Mediterranean sun. It would certainly be nice to be enjoying a cocktail there right now, but we’ll take the comfort of home as a happy alternative. She’s the perfect figure to represent the beautiful citrus and delicate herb notes of Artisan Drinks’ Pink Citrus Tonic.

A Stylish Positano Summer

If you scored 6 points then A Stylish Positano Summer is the one for you!

This A-list movie star is glamourous and glitzy yet always humble. A friend to everyone, she never fails to steal the show as she meanders the close-knit streets of Positano or suns herself with her gin pals on the beach before the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Just like Artisan Drinks’ Amalfi Lime Tonic, she encapsulates everything that makes the stunning Amalfi Coast so special. You two will be like two peas in a pod.

Artisan's Pain The Town Red

If you scored 7 or 8 points then your icon is Paint The Town Red!

This redhead is a force of nature. Never one to be kept waiting, she’s a fashionista with a rocker flare who is just at home in the trendiest bars as she is in her stylish, opulent abode. Wherever she is, she always brings the fun, just like Artisan’s Fiery Ginger Beer. Like you, she’s the cat’s pyjamas.

Artisan's Smokey Joe

If you scored 9 points then allow us introduce you to Smokey Joe…

Polite, creative and endlessly quirky (a lot like Artisan’s delectable Barrel Smoked Cola), Smokey Joe is friends with everyone. Happy outdoors and just as the content inside playing a board game or watching a film, Joe’s a complex character and so are you.

Artisan's Kill Them With Kindness

If you scored 10 points then check out Kill Them With Kindness.

There’s never a dull moment with Kill Them With Kindness, they are a London Guard in mid-strut in red high heels. A kind soul and always the life of the party, you two would make one fabulous duo. Together, you guys would bring the fun - especially if you bring Artisan Drinks’ Skinny London Tonic along too!

Easy Edward by Artisan

If you scored 11 points then say hello to Easy Eduardo.

Stylish with a debonair attitude, Easy Eduardo is as sharp as he dresses. Pictured sat on fruit crates watching the world go by as he waits for his chauffeur to roll up, this mysterious figure is one cool cat. We’re sure you’ll be best of friends, just make sure he brings along Artisan Drinks’ Agave Lemon Tonic so you can have some fabulous G&Ts together.

Madame Violet

If you scored 12 points then the Artisan icon for you must be Madame Violet.

A picture of effortless elegance, Madame Violet is the belle of the ball - the perfect embodiment of Artisan’s vibrant and sumptuous Violet Blossom Tonic. Whether she is attending a red carpet event or simply enjoying a cocktail at home with her favourite gin pals, her style and grace and easy playfulness go beyond compare. You two will make a fine duo.

Artisan's London Gent

If you scored 13 points then Artisan’s London Gent is the man for you.

Dapper as can be, London Gent is rarely seen without a suit. Always charming, always suave yet never boring, he loves a Martini - stirred not shaken, of course - or a G&T made with Artisan Drinks’ Classic London Tonic. With a taste for fine foods and London Dry Gin, we know you two are going to get along.

Artisan Yuzu Tokyo

If you scored 14 points then Artisan Yuzu Tokyo will be a find companion for you.

Graceful yet powerful, tranquil yet effervescent, this Japanese Josei is one of a kind, just like you – we know you are going to get along like gin and Artisan Yuzu Tokyo Tonic. She adores tradition and modernity in equal measure, so go and enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony together, visit a temple, then head into the neon-lit city for cocktails and G&Ts galore!   

Miss Monaco

If you scored 15 points or above then we think you will get along best with Miss Monaco.

Whether gracing the casinos of Monte Carlo with a cocktail in her hand or zooming around the roads used for the famed F1 race in her sports car, Miss Monaco is always brimming with old-world charm. Often found lounging on her yacht with a gin and Bubbly Soda Water from Artisan Drinks or swimming in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, her elegance and glamour are infectious. You two are meant for each other.