Add A Touch Of Gin To Your Home With These Upcycled Gin Candles

One of the best elements of a G&T is the scent of the botanicals in the air. Now you can have the scent lingering in the air at all hours of the day thanks to this cool way an etsy seller is upcyling alcohol bottles!

It’s the perfect addition to your home you didn’t know you needed. Each candle is handcrafted from original craft gin bottles. The bottles are kept in tact in he best way possible then, when the spirit inside is finished, the glass is then cut in half. These recycled gin bottles are then turned into soy wax candles scented with lime basil and mandarin! So they not only look amazing, they smell just as great too.

We’re sure many Craft Gin Club members, have collected their fair share of bottles. So if you feeling like getting stuck in some DIY, then we’ve got amazing ways to reuse your empty gin bottles.