6 Amazing Ways to reuse Gin Bottles

Do your bit for the environment and get crafty. Turn your used Gin of the Month bottles into masterpieces that can be used around the home. We've seen club members go as far as upcycling their bottles into lamps and vases. Here are some more bottle craft ideas to try. 

Food Storage

If you're trying to be cautious of your plastic usage, then this is a great way to store rice, pasta, lentils and other dry good. You can even reuse the corks!

Candle Holder

Set the scene for your al fresco dinning experience whilst also keeping flies at bay with this hack. Flies hate smoke but the hate smell of citronella even more. Place citronella scented candles in the mouth of your old bottles half an hour before you sit down to dine as a way to repel flies from you meal.

Gin Lamp

Gin Lamp Hack.png

We've seen a few of these gin lamp hacks floating about and we have to say we absolutely love them. This one was sent to us by member Trudy S.  

Christmas Lighting Hack

Enhance your Christmas decor this year and start saving your bottles for this simple hack. Use it as the centrepiece on the dinning table, by the front door so it's the focal point for visitors or whatever you prefer. T'is the season to be jolly after all.

Impossible Bottle


An impossible bottle is a fun way to upcylce your old gin bottle. You can put anything you inside and display around your home. We've even got an easy how to build an impossible bottle guide that you can follow to make yours.

Terrarium in a Bottle

Beautify your home this summer by turning your old gin bottles into a terrarium. It's the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.