6 ways to drink gin if you're not a gin fan

It's hard to believe there are people out there that don't share the same love and admiration of craft gin as we do. What is there not to like?! It's zesty, complex, refreshing and there are so many different varieties to choose from!

As the Uk's number 1 gin club, it is our mission to get the nation drinking and loving gin! So we have come up with a list of ideas to tantalise even the gin haters out there! Plus, if you are a gin fan, you may also discover new and interesting was to enjoy craft gin!

Gin and Rose Lemonade

We recently ran a Facebook poll about gin mixers and rose lemonade proved a popular choice! Lots of people find the bitterness of quinine in the tonic (in their G&T) too much, so using this sweet, floral mixer as an alternative to tonic water is a real crowd-pleaser! We recommend the Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade - we PINK you'll really like it!

Gin and prosecco

It sounds seriously boozy, because it is seriously boozy. However, if gin isn't your thing but fizz is your fix these gin and prosecco cocktails should be a real treat. The taste of the prosecco is the dominant flavour here, however the botanicals in the gin give these cocktails an interesting finish.


A classic gin cocktail that could appeal to the naysayers due to it's jammy and tart flavour, it's also really pretty.

Pink gin

Yes, we know it's still gin, but...

it's sweet and floral and fruity and has a slightly less piney taste to a classic craft gin - and, you can make your own!

Baking with gin

Ok, it's a little bit of a cheats way out, however baking with gin could persuade you to come over to the ginny side! This beautiful Gin Lemon Drizzle cake combines the sharpness of the lemon and gin with the sweetness of the sugary glaze and is a tasty way to introduce a non-gin drinker to the spirit.

Gin and elderflower sorbet

A little step closer than baking with gin, this sorbet is bound to tickle anyone’s taste buds!

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