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5 Epic Martini Recipes To See You Through Summer

5 Epic Martini Recipes To See You Through Summer

Jun 16, 2021

One word that comes to mind with a Martini? Iconic. It’s a sophisticated staple that never goes out of style, and with so many variations of the classic (like the Martinez, Rosé 50/50 Martini and Tuxedo No.2 to name but a few) it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And if it’s good enough for Bond…

To celebrate National Martini Day (which falls on Saturday, 19th June in 2021), why not give some of these delicious twists on the classic cocktail a go? Whether you love something fruity, slightly adventurous, or perfect for drinks in your garden - with them all containing gin - we’re sure there’s a perfect martini recipe here you’ll adore!

Watermelon Martini

Watermelon Martini recipe

Perfect for the British summer, if you crave a refreshing, fruity tipple when the temperatures rise, then look no further than this summer cocktail. It’s a certified crowd pleaser and won’t take long to make. Let’s get the party started…

2 pieces of fresh watermelon
4 fresh basil leaves
Juice of 1/2 lime
15ml simple syrup
15ml red vermouth
50ml gin
Lime wedges

Start by using a blender to puree the fresh watermelon and basil until smooth. Strain the juice and combine it with the gin, agave, lime juice, vermouth and some ice. Shake and then pour into a martini glass. Garnish with fresh basil and watermelon. Et Voila!

Wasabi and Cucumber Martini Cooler 

Wasabi and cucumber martini recipe

One for the adventurous crowd, try this taste sensation from SpruceEats that’s full of flavour. If you enjoy wasabi in your sushi, you might not expect it to make a debut in your summer martini, but you’ll be surprised how well the cooling cucumber complements the sharp spiciness of wasabi. To take the refreshing to another level, use a gin that has cucumber botanicals in it.

50ml gin
15ml simple syrup
1 pea-sized dollop wasabi paste (start small to ensure you don’t burn the drink)
4 slices of cucumber
15ml lemon juice

Start by muddling 3 slices of cucumber with the simple syrup and wasabi. Pour into a cocktail shaker then add the gin and lemon juice. Top with ice, shake well and strain into your chilled martini glass. Garnish with a slice of cucumber. Cheers!

Passion fruit and lime Martini

Passion fruit and lime martini recipe

If your tipple of choice is usually a Porn Star Martini, then try this zesty summery twist on the classic. Starring the famous key ingredient, but with the addition of fresh lime juice, this might just become your new fave. It’s an easy cocktail to make and will certainly liven up your summer plans. If you’re passionate about all things passion fruit, check out this Passionfruit Smash cocktail recipe too. One word to describe this fruity martini? Mouthwatering.

60ml passion fruit juice
30ml gin
2 fresh limes squeezed
Fresh passionfruit and mint to garnish (optional)

Combine the passionfruit juice, lime juice and gin into a cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes. Shake well and strain into your chosen glass. Garnish with the flesh of a fresh passionfruit and serve!

Sweetheart Martini

We found the perfect tipple for girls’ nights on NellieBellie - this vibrant summer cocktail is pink, tart and bursting with berry flavours. If you’re a fan of martinis, but love a slightly sweeter finish, this could be the upgrade on the classic martini you’ve been waiting for.

The lush grenadine perfectly offsets the zingy grapefruit, making this a dream combination. With only 3 ingredients, you’ll be catching up with your gin pals quicker than you can say ‘cheers!’. And when it looks this good, what’s not to love?

3 tbsp grenadine syrup
15ml grapefruit juice
50ml gin

Begin by pouring the grenadine into the bottom of your glass. Next, to create the second layer, pour the grapefruit juice over the back of a spoon. Follow with the gin using the same technique to create the third layer. Garnish with a strawberry.

Hawaiian Martini


Wish you were in Hawaii right now? Us, too! Transport yourself to the tropics (this martini recipe is the next best thing) with this bright, sunny cocktail that’s essentially a dreamy holiday in a glass. The flavour of sweet pineapple is the quickest way to take us back to a blissful beach and beautifully balances the herbaceous aroma of the vermouth. 

45ml dry gin
15ml dry vermouth
15ml sweet vermouth
35ml pineapple juice
Pineapple wedge 
Luxardo Maraschino cherry (optional)

Combine all the ingredients and shake with ice. Fine strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and cherry.

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