Ways to Make the World Cup Fun

The World Cup kicks off tomorrow between host nation Russian and Saudi Arabia. With England's chances currently at 16/1 , the chances of us winning is slim, so we've compiled a list of ways to make things a bit more fun even if we don't win. 

Make a Cardboard Football Table

Not only is this a great way to recycle your Craft Gin Club box, it's also a fantastic way to keep the fun going pre/post football match. 


Host a Boozy Viewing Party

Snacks, TV and lots of gin are all you need to be the host with the most. Be like CGC member  Ross and create a gin station where guests can make themselves G&Ts as they watch the match. 

Gin Joint Match Viewing

Pubs and bars across the country with a TV will most probably be showing the World Cup this month. A change of location could be an enjoyable way to watch the matches. Our list of the Uk's best gin joints is a great starting point. 


Cocktail from The Playing Nation

If you're having guests over for a viewing, you can impress them by serving tasty cocktails from the country playing. You can kick things off with a Russian Screwdriver, but of course, substitute the vodka for gin! We've also got a tasty Bramble cocktail recipe you can try for England's first match on Monday!

Sweepstake with prize as a Subscription of Craft Gin Club

A classic way of enjoying the World Cup is with sweepstakes. However, we're twisting it up to add to the excitement. Rather than whoever picks the winning country getting a cash prize, they are rewarded with a Craft Gin Club membership. That way, it's a prize that keeps on giving and one that everyone can enjoy.


Play a Drinking Game

There's no denial football is a fun game to watch, whether or not you know rules. Take the fun to the next level with a drinking game. Some of the rules of the drinking game could be, drink each time the referee blows his whistle or each time a player dives. We're sure by the end of the night you'll be buzzing.