Meet the versatile snack that will satisfy any craving...

They’re crunchy, moreish and packed with flavour – but, while the Indie Bay in your Gin of the Month box may have all the hallmarks of the world’s naughtiest snacks, these little delights have one more descriptor: nice!

 “We all love to snack,” says Dafna Bonas, founder of Indie Bay, “but we know better now, and we don’t want to feel guilty afterward. Our tasty pretzel bites fuse the best of both worlds – snacking, but with benefits.”

indie bay pretzel bite selection of flavours

She says, “Faced with an empty snack drawer and a hunch that I was certainly not alone in my frustrations, I decided to take matters into my own hands... Indie Bay Snacks was born!”
Rather than recreate the wheel, Dafna focused on reinventing the classics, starting with a snack she already knew and loved: pretzels.
“The pretzel has to be one of the most craveable snacks out there and a popular choice for all kinds of occasions, so we felt it ripe for reinvention,” she says.

Someone eating indie bay snack

And reinvent it, Dafna did.

Like the classic snack, Indie Bay’s pretzels are satisfying and their new shape is the perfect size to crunch. But, by swapping processed nasties for all-natural ingredients – plus a healthy dose of ancient grains – these little all-natural balls of wonder are able to deliver fibre and protein alongside delicious taste, and all in under 100 calories per pack. 

And, with three flavours – Quinoa & Cracked Pepper, Spelt with Rock Salt and Sunflower & Superseeds – you can always find the perfect pack, whether you’re craving something savoury, salty or seedy.

VEGAN strawberry cheesecake with indie bay pretzel bites and boatyard gin

“It's always fun to dream up new and creative ways to incorporate them,” says Dafna “Whether it’s to give a new twist to a classic dessert recipe such as baking them into a cookie mix or adding a delicious crunch by sprinkling on top of soups, the opportunities are endless!”

We made a vegan strawberry cheesecake, using the pretzel balls as a base and it was delicious! But don't take our word for it, try the recipe out for yourself here