10 cocktail making tools to turn you into a master mixologist!

This month we are celebrating the science behind mixology, to hone our shaking and stirring skills. Add a touch of science to your home bar with these essential pieces of cocktail kit!

1. LSA Mixologist Cocktail Tool Kit

Perfect for muddling, chopping and juicing cocktail ingredients and très stylish! 

2. Cook's Mini Blowtorch

Bunsen burners are so passè! 

3. Bonzer Mixing Vessel

This stainless steel mixing vessel will at least make you look like a pro...

4. Ice Works Sphere Ice Tray

According to science, the bigger the ice cube, the longer it lasts, without diluting your cocktail.

5. Copper Cocktail Picks

Why have wood? When you can have beautiful copper?

6. Stainless Steel Muddler

This sleek little device will help make the perfect Mojito.

7. Aperiti Cocktail Shaker

This shaker comes complete with measurements and recipes on the side, so you'll always be prepared. 

8. Personalised Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

Think of the environment and future sustainability as we say no to plastic straws and yes to reusable

9. Liqueur Tasting Set

These nifty little test tubes contain delicious liqueurs to add to you gin cocktails.

10. Rainbow Cocktail Set

We love the futuristic colours of this cocktail set...