From gin to chocolate: 20 of the best treat-filled Christmas crackers!

No festive dinner table is complete without a brightly coloured Christmas cracker adorning each place setting! And while we here at Craft Gin Club love the fun, traditional crackers for the cheesy jokes and ridiculous paper hats, sometimes the Big Day - whether it’s Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or whenever you’re getting the whole tribe of loved ones over for a feast - calls for something a little bit special!

Luckily, there are a whole host of gorgeous crackers offering treats inside that are considerably more pleasurable than a neon green miniature plastic comb (and better for the planet too, because you’ll actually, you know, use them!).

Whether you want to surprise your guests with some delicious sweets, a few luxurious fragrances, get the laughs going with some naughty party games or - best of all - a perfect serve of craft gin with beautifully paired artisan tonic, we’ve chosen 20 of the best Christmas crackers for your table in 2019!

Best crackers for… boozy treats


Best crackers for… those with a sweet tooth


Best crackers for… pet lovers


Best crackers for… those who like a little pampering

Best crackers for… a confetti explosion!

Multicolour Star Confetti Crackers.jpg

Best crackers for… crafty types

Best crackers for… green-fingered gardeners

Best crackers for… lovers of party games!

Best crackers for… helping the planet

Best crackers for… the personal touch