Cocktail: April in Paris

April in Paris

Bonne Maman's bitter orange marmalde gets it sophisticated flavour comes from just three ingredients: ripe Seville oranges - peel and all - lemon juice and a little cane sugar. This comes together with some simple ingredients for a totally scrumptious tipple!

Bonne Maman April In Paris Gin Cocktail


50ml gin
25ml elderflower cordial or liqueur
Squeeze of lemon juice
Heaped bar spoon of Bonne Maman marmalade
Club soda, to top up
Orange peel, to garnish


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add gin, elderflower cordial or liqueur, lemon juice and marmalade.
  2. Shake for 20 seconds and strain into a coupe.
  3. Top up with club soda, garnish and serve.