Is this the hottest gin ever?!

Winter seems to have come back with a vengeance, with both the beast from the east AND then the mini beast of the east attacking the UK in March.

poetic license chilli flavoured gin

We're doing everything to keep warm, from hot gin cocktails (get the recipes here) to warm cups of tea and a slice of ginny carrot cake.

And if they don't light your fire, Poetic License have just unveiled a chilli-flavoured gin, made with sweet bell pepper and the Naga chilli (one of the hottest chilli peppers ever measured).

But fear not, the palette for this limited edition is surprisingly mild with "a lingering warmth and very subtle smokiness from the earthy chillies"

gin and tonic garnished with chilli and lime

The suggested serve is with a light tonic, garnished with tricolour peppers, however we can bet this would make an excellent, smokey, red snapper (get the recipe here). 

You can get your hands a bottle of this scorcher from Poetic License for £34.95 here.