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Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted spirits

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted spirits

Easy, free and reliable delivery

Total flexibility, no commitment

A world of unique, crafted spirits

Easy, free and reliable delivery

10 reasons you should join Craft Gin Club - the UK's No1 gin club - today!

10 reasons you should join Craft Gin Club - the UK's No1 gin club - today!

Dec 16, 2021

If ‘drinking incredible gin’ isn’t enough of a reason to join our fabulous Club, here are nine more!

1. You absolutely love gin (hello, ginthusiast!)

I love Gin Gif

Every month, we select one very special bottle of small-batch craft gin, including rare and exclusive editions not available elsewhere, and send it straight to your doorstep as a treat-filled Gin of the Month box. The box also contains beautiful tonics, mixers, syrups as well as sweet and savoury snacks, plus a magazine filled with cocktail recipes for you to try at home. So you’ll always have an exciting gin to share with your friends come Friday night.

2. Surprise! 

member Anne Bulley
Delivery day excitement: member Anne Bulley

Want to get that feeling of Christmas every month? Of course you do!

Our members LOVE the excitement of the build-up to receiving your box each month and the surprise and delight you experience when you tear it open to discover what beautiful craft gin (did we mention we only send full-sized bottles?) and tasty treats await you inside!

Wonder what happiness personified looks like? This member on the right! Which is why we’re the best gin subscription club.

You’ll be counting down the days for your brand new gin of the month box to arrive… and probably become best friends with your postie!

3. Cocktails GALORE

cranberry gin fizz
You’ll be whipping up these stunning gin cocktails, like a cranberry gin fizz, in no time

Any budding gin cocktail connoisseurs? We have a whole hub of gin cocktails for you to try on our blog and the Club magazine, Ginned (included in every monthly gin box). It’s bursting with serving suggestions and easy cocktails that you can make at home. They’re so good you’ll seriously impress your gin pals when you whip up one of our expertly created gin cocktail recipes. Cheers!

Even if you don’t like tonic, we’ve got ideas for alternative mixers you can try with your gin. Cocktail hour is for everyone!

4. We're oh-so-flexible! 


Here at Craft Gin Club, we understand that things chop and change all the time - so we have three flexible membership plans: you can choose to receive a box every month, every two months, or every three months, depending on how much gin you get through in a month!

Got commitment issues? Well, good news: you can change your mind whenever you want, whether you want to take a month off or get an extra box, our friendly customer services team will make sure you are on the right plan - so you can upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your membership at any time! One thing’s for sure: you’ll always get bang for your buck and great ginny value.

Here’s to having a flexible gin subscription service!

5. Sharing is caring

friends high fiving

What better way to show the gin fans in your life how much you care than by introducing them to Craft Gin Club through our Ginpals scheme?

Not only will you be able to compare notes and share G&T recipes together, your friend will receive £20 off their first box and you’ll get £20-worth of reward points to spend in on our online shop or against your next Gin of the Month box! Just think of the delicious craft gin you can buy with that…

6. Become a gin expert

November 2021 Ginned Magazine
November 2021 Ginned Magazine

Inside every Gin of the Month box you’ll find a copy of GINNED! magazine.

There really is no gin magazine like it - this glossy mag includes all the info you need on the craft gin you receive, along with bespoke cocktail recipes from the distillers, interviews with gin experts, tasting notes, ginny baking recipes, competitions, quizzes, gin shopping and lots of exclusive articles with fun facts you can share with your gin pals as you drink your Gin of the Month.

It’s a firm magazine coffee table favourite - and it’s worth keeping them each month, so you can create your own cocktail recipe collection!

7. Sweet or savoury tooth?

Chipmonks eating

We know snacks are an entirely personal choice - (sweet or savoury is a very controversial question) but regardless of your preference, we like to surprise our members with an array of gourmet goodies that complement your craft gin - from handcrafted chocolates to moreish, tasty snacks that are perfect for gin o'clock. So whichever snack camp you’re in, you’ve got tasty options that are bursting with flavour. Mmmm.

8. Support the craft


We love working with small craft gin distillers all over the world that are passionate about craft gin! From the intricate gin distilling process, to the fabulous flavour, even down to the story behind the gin - we care about every single detail.

By joining Craft Gin Club you are supporting the companies who keep the craft alive, which means they will continue to produce wonderful, unique gin that you won’t easily find in the supermarkets. 


9. Join the family!

By joining our exclusive club - Craft Gin Club, you’ll be joining a community of friendly, cocktail-curious gin lovers from all over the UK!

Our Facebook group, Craft Gin Clubbers, has fast become a much-loved forum for our members to share lots of jokes, tips, recommendations and recipe suggestions with each other.

Wondering what tonic pairs best with Tarquins, Warner’s, or Salcombe Gin? Why not ask in our Craft Gin Clubbers group - and we’re sure your fellow gin pals will lend a hand!

There’s also gincredible competitions, so you’ve got the chance to win gin! (Making it a no-brainer).

10. You've got to be in it, to win it!

Golden ticket willy wonka

Fancy winning a year of gin? Or a £750 Le Creuset voucher? Perhaps a trip to a gin distillery for a tasting tour? Or a hamper full of gourmet goodies from Fortnum & Mason, worth up to £1000? Here at Craft Gin Club we give our members the chance to enter and win exclusive competitions with some truly amazing prizes every single month. Simply keep your eyes peeled in your box for a golden, silver and bronze ticket.

You have to be gin it to win it, after all!

…Need we say more?

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