5 surefire ways to capture a gin lover's heart

Trying to get the attention of a special gin lover in your life? Show them you really care – and share their love of gin! – with these romantically ginny gestures.

 1. Make them a bespoke gin infusion

If you know certain flavour combinations make your beloved sigh with delight, why not make them a personalised gin-fusion?

Whether you start with vodka – the equivalent of a neutral base spirit – or simply infuse gin with additional flavours, this is a great way to show that special someone how much you care.

Not sure where to start? Raspberry Rose Gin is a perfectly pink present for your paramour: 

Raspberry Rose Gin

Raspberry Rose Gin Cocktail Infusion


70ml classic, juniper-led gin
125g dried rose buds
125g fresh raspberries


  1. In an airtight container, combine the raspberries and dried rose buds, saving the original gin bottle for later.
  2. Leave in a dark place for two weeks, but don’t shake.
  3. After two weeks, or when your gin has infused to your satisfaction, strain and decant back into the bottle. Enjoy!

2. Build a new home for their gin collection

Does your beloved run his or her hands over a certain style of bar cart every time they see it, be it a brass beauty in the charity shop or an ultra-modern marvel on the John Lewis shop floor? Take note!

True gin lovers love to display their collections, and choosing the new home for your loved one’s spirits is a beautiful way to show them that you understand their deepest needs.

Or, if you’re handy enough, why not build one with your own two hands?

3. Cook a delicious meal with their favourite gin

Mushroom Herb Creamy Pasta Dinner Entree

The way to a lover’s heart, they say, is through their stomach. And when you’re wooing a gin lover, a measure of their favourite spirit in your marinara sauce is a must!

Cooking with gin, which is so botanically complex, is much simpler than it sounds. Have a look on the Ginned! blog for a catalogue of excellent, gin-soaked recipes, or devise your own by designing a recipe around their favourite gin’s botanical blend.

Even better? End your ginny dinner with Bahlsen Mint Chocolate Coco Moments, featured in February's Gin of the Month box, and pair it with a Craft Gin Club exclusive cocktail: the Great Western Flip!

4. Stock the freezer with their favourite garnishes

Grapefruit Lemon Lime Orange Citrus Fruits.jpg

There is no heartbreak so agonising as going to make the perfect G&T and finding you have no means of garnishing it.

Save your beloved from this shot to the heart by preparing a little Valentine’s Day surprise for them: all of their favourite garnishes, cut up and organised in individual containers and popped in the freezer.

This quick trick will save you a lot of time and inconvenience later on, since all you’ll need to do is go to the fridge – rather than pop to the shop – when your loved one is craving his or her favourite spirit. 

5. Make sure you've got all the mixers you'll need

Luscombe Grapefruit Tonic Mixer

Valentine's night calls for G&Ts (or your tipple of choice) - so make sure ahead of time you've stocked up all the mixers you'll need! Whether it's the refreshing Luscombe Grapefruit Tonic Water in February's Gin of the Month box or fizzy Ginger Ale, stock the fridge so you're ready to pour and enjoy as soon as Gin O'Clock strikes.