Week in Gin: Boozy Bakes, Hangover Survival & Cocktails!

It's a Bank Holiday on Monday, and this week's news will help see you through with everything from boozy bakes, cocktails and a VERY useful gin hangover survival guide! So pour yourself a large G&T and relax whilst scrolling through this weeks ginny news!

kyro napue gin long drink

Here’s everything you need to know about the lovely Cranberry and Rosemary Gin Long Drink in August's Gin of the Month box.

Here's How To Survive A Gin Hangover

how to survive a gin hangover

There may be no known hangover cure just yet, but with these tips you'll see yourself in tip-top shape in no time.

Carol's Gin Kitchen: Napue Gin And Tonic Cake

Carol's gin kitchen napue gin and tonic cake

Moist, sweet and lots of gin... the search for the ultimate G&T cake is over!

Gin Bar Of The Month: Simpsons Gin Bar, Sutton Coldfield

simpsons gin bar sutton coldfield gin joint of the month

Simpsons Gin Bar is an elegant, fun, carefree place for a prohibition style knees-up – and the gin cocktails simply can’t be beaten!

Want To Drink Like The Queen? Grab The Gin!

queen elizabeth II gin drinker gin o clock

The Queen of England is officially the Queen of Gin too 🍸👑

Cocktail Of The Week: Napue Pickle

Napue gin pickle cocktail

Kyrö Distillery Company gives a whole new flavour to their amazing Napue Gin with this truly unique gin cocktail.

OMG You Need To Try This Gin, Chocolate & Cranberry Torte

gin baker napue gin cranberry and chocolate torte

Chocolate? and GIN? and BERRIES? We are in heaven with The Gin Baker's latest gin-soaked bake.

Why Rye: Behind The Finnish Love Affair That Inspired Napue Gin

Men running through a field naked with napue gin in finland

It's the brilliant grain that inspired Napue Gin... but why is Finland so in love with rye?

Cocktails That Taste Like Burgers?! Yes, These Seriously Exist...

National Burger day cocktails cheeseburger bloody mary whisky

In honour of National Burger Day, sink your teeth into these burger-flavoured cocktails 🍔🍸