Here's how to survive a gin hangover

If, like us, you enjoyed one too many gin cocktails over the bank holiday, then, boy, you are in the right place! Forget fancy beverages, strange ingredient smoothies and the likes - they may be celebrated as 'magical hangover cures', but those of us who've tried them know all too well that their healing powers are only a wistful dream.

Instead of trying to prevent the inevitable hangover that comes after a great bank holiday, here's what you can do to survive the today.

1. Carb-o-load

What is carb-o-loading you may ask? Why, it's the act of consuming a massive amount of bread, pasta, etc. to provide you with the fuel you need to kickstart the day! There's nothing better to line your stomach and soak up the remnants of last night's shenanigans than a slice of toast or handful of crackers. For the best kind of hangover breakfast, though, something like like porridge will definitely start you off on the right foot.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The best thing for your hangover is lots and lots of water! Honestly, have a few cold glasses and you'll notice the effects of your hangover slowly alleviate. Drinking too much depletes your body of necessary minerals and dehydrates you, so this simple step is quite possibly the best thing you can do for your body post-binge sesh. If you're feeling extra sluggish, try a sports drink - the added electrolytes will help replenish a bit of what was lost and get your body back on track.

3. Skip the java

Coffee may seem like the natural way to wake yourself up and get yourself going after a rough start, but if you refer back to #2 you can imagine why this is not the best idea - more dehydration! When you've got a bad hangover, not only will coffee upset your stomach further, but it won't help get you back to normal.

4. Catch some ZZZs

When it comes to fast hangover cures there really isn't anything better than sleep (combined with water, of course). Letting your body rest and fully recuperate after the previous night's debauchery with a nice long nap will speed up the recovery process significantly!

5. Steer clear of the gin (temporarily)

'Hair of the dog' is a fun idea but totally and utterly false. A bit of booze may help you feel better temporarily, but all it will do in the long term is put off that dreaded hangover for later in the day - and make the symptoms that much worse. So skip the Red Snappers and let your body heal - there's always time to gindulge in the future!