Cocktail of the Week: Ritorno Alpino Occitano

Another bespoke beauty from the mixologists at our Gin Joint of the Month, Ritorno London, this piney fresh cocktail was created to bring new depth to May's Occitan Gin. Saluti!

Ritorno Alpino Occitano

Ritorno Alpino Occitano Occitan Gin Smoked Vermouth Cocktail

50ml Occitan Gin
20ml Bordiga Vermouth Bianco
10ml Pino Mugo (or other pine liqueur) 
15ml lemon juice
15ml relaxing syrup*
15ml egg white
Soda, to top up

Combine all of your ingredients in a shaker packed with ice and shake. Strain into a balloon glass filled with ice (and, if you’re a true Ritorno-style talent, dry ice!) and top up with a splash of soda.

*To make this soothing syrup, infuse water with lavender and chamomile. Combine it, in a ratio of one-to-one, with sugar syrup and heat gently until the liquid forms a syrup.