Cocktail: Ritorno A-morbello

In the heart of swish Chelsea is Ritorno, a sophisticated yet relaxed gin joint whose expert bartenders have a passion for all things Bordiga! Whip up this bespoke cocktail - made using May's delicious Occitan Gin - for a special sweet treat.

Ritorno A-morbello

30ml Occitan Gin
15ml Bordiga Vermouth Bianco
10ml Zucca (or other rabarbaro liqueur)
5ml agave syrup
5ml cream of pistachio
1 tsp natural yogurt
Aranciata San Pellegrino, to top up
Amaretti cookie, to garnish


Combine your first six ingredients into a shaker packed with ice and shake again. Strain the mixture into a stemmed glass filled with ice. Garnish with an Amaretti biscuit, either by crumbling some over the top or suspending a whole cookie (or two!) above your glass.

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