Love a G&T? Then a V&T will change your summer...if not your life.

Think tonic is only good for mixing with gin? You’re missing a serious trick! Discover the cult Italian tipple that’s been making waves in the UK: Vermouth and Tonic, made extra magical by the hand-picked Mediterranean herbs and Sicilian lemons that make Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic such an amazing mixer.

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

With delicate herbal flavours and the gentle bitterness of quinine, the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic in the May Gin of the Month box is a perfect pair with citrus-led gins like Bordiga’s Occitan. But if you’re looking to embrace the aperitivo lifestyle, there’s one mixed drink that will bring you right to the beaches of the Amalfi Coast: Vermouth and Tonic, also known as a V&T.

As Fever-Tree’s Charlie Shotton explains: “Vermouth and Tonic is a really versatile combination that draws its influence from the Italian culture of aperitivi. With a light, refreshing flavour the combination is perfect for spring and summer nights, and balances the gentle sweetness and spice of vermouth with the clean bitterness of tonic water.” 

The painstaking care and attention to detail that the Fever-Tree team takes to create their Mediterranean Tonic is a perfect match for citrus-led gins like the Occitan Gin in the May Gin of the Month box, as well as the complex herbal taste of vermouth. Fever-Tree is most famous for sourcing its quinine directly from the Congo, but that same commitment to sourcing the best quality natural ingredients extends to every element in their Mediterranean Tonic. 

The rosemary and lemon thyme that go into Fever-Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic are cultivated on the rolling hills of Provence, where fourth-generation herb farmers pride themselves on using the same agricultural methods, some dating back to the Roman Empire. 

These wonderful herbal flavours are combined with natural extracts from Sicilian lemons. The flavour of these gloriously yellow fruits, grown on the slopes of Mount Etna, is still extracted using the age-old sfumatrice process, which gently pulls out the essential oils and creates a versatile mixer as well suited to gin as to other spirits. 

“Each of these elements blends together for a smooth and subtle flavour and a uniquely refreshing mixer,” Charlie says. “Pair with it a citrus-led or herbaceous gin, plenty of fresh ice and a garnish of citrus peel or even a sprig of rosemary.”

Or take your cue from aperitivo time and craft the perfect Italian Vermouth and Tonic:

Perfect Italian V&T

Vermouth and Tonic in tumbler with a slice of lemon

50ml vermouth bianco
150ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
Orange and lemon slices, to garnish


Fill a stemmed glass with ice. Pour in your Vermouth Bianco and top up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. Garnish with slices of orange and lemon, and enjoy - preferably sitting out in the sunshine!