The Week in Gin: colourful cocktails and chocolate gin creations

There was a lot to love about gin this week! After a love and booze-soaked Valentine's Day, members had plenty more chances to tuck into their beloved bottles of gin. Check out all the fun and excitement from this week here!

gin Cocktail of the week pink paradise with grapefruit

Add a special Kalevala something to this super-simple cocktail.

You'll fall head over heels for this Chocolate Violet Gin Fudge

Chocolate violet gin fudge squares

Indulge in this beautifully boozy fudge this Valentine's Day.

Cocktail: Blueberry Gin Sour

Blueberry purple gin sours with orange peel garnish

The perfect balance of fruity, tart and sweet, this purple-coloured tipple will brighten up your evening!

Perfect Pair: Lindt Excellence Dark Roasted Hazelnut

Roasted hazelnut chocolate from lindt and a gin and tonic

With an amazing new addition to the range – Dark Roasted Hazelnut – and a promise to source only the finest beans, Lindt Excellence is working to make the world a whole lot sweeter.

4 gin cocktails from around the world

Gin cocktails from around the world orange twist

Four tasty tipples from far-off places.

This Rose Gin Fizz is simply irresistible

Roses and rose and prosecco gin fizz

Fresh, fragrant and fizzy, this Luscombe's Damascene Rose Bubbly treat is a delight!