The Rose of Devon

Fizz and gin? The two were meant to be. For a special, sparkling twist on this month's Kalevala Gin, there's Luscombe Damascene Rose Bubbly. Fresh, fragrant and fizzy, find out what's inside this special bottle and get the recipe for a rosy gin tipple here.

Luscombe rose fizz drink from devon

It all starts in a misty Devon orchard.

That’s where, since 1975, the family behind Luscombe Drinks has been growing the apples for its incredible juices. Raised organically, harvested by trusted hands and processed gently, these gorgeous apples produce juices unlike any other.

“At Luscombe we use fruit to get our flavours,” explains Gabriel David, who took over as chairman of this family-run company from his father in 1997. “We don’t use any additives, synthetics or concentrates in any of the drinks in our range. We’re proud not to make any compromises in taste or the ingredients we use – only the best goes into a Luscombe bottle.”

The bottle of Damascene Rose Bubbly in February's Gin of the Month box is no exception to that rule. It’s one of 23 painstakingly curated and concocted flavours that run the gambit of juices, sparkling soft drinks, crushes and even a Devon apple cider.

Gabriel David is keen innovator, and under his leadership Luscombe is constantly hard at work trying out new flavours. But nothing leaves the Luscombe site in South Devon until it’s absolutely perfect.

As Gabriel explains, “We only release new drinks once we’re certain we’ve created the very best. Last year we launched three stunning new drinks, the first in six years.”

Having made it through the exacting Luscombe taste tests, you can be confident that the beauty in this month's box is a rich, luxurious delight that perfectly captures the glorious allure of a rose in full bloom.

There are no artificial ingredients in this bubbly, and it’s made using equipment that has been specially engineered to retain as much flavour as possible. And you can be sure that this very special rose bubbly juice stands up to the Luscombe team’s keen eye – and taste – for detail.

From where the ingredients are grown to how they’re pressed, nothing is overlooked in the quest to produce a drink so romantically reminiscent of long summer evenings.

“This delicate, fragrant bubbly is a celebration of the majestic rose of the Orient,” Gabriel says, “with Muscat grape juice and Damascene rose water gently combined with Sicilian lemon and spring water.”

Gabriel continues: “As with nearly all of our drinks, we try our hardest to source organic ingredients. Damascene Rose Bubbly is no exception.”

Gabriel loves to drink this elegant soft drink chilled in a Champagne flute, but as far as we’re concerned bit of gin never went amiss! Here's how to craft a simple - yet stunning - Rose Gin Fizz:

Luscombe devon rose fizz drink with gin

Rose Gin Fizz

To make this tipple, simply pour 25ml of gin into a flute and top up with these fragrant bubbles for a truly romantic tipple worthy of St Valentine himself.