6 steps to the perfect G&T

Bee's Knees, Dirty Martinis, Negronis...we love a gin cocktail and there are so many to choose from now more and more people are turning to the ginny side...

However, at the end of a long day you cannot beat a classic G&T! Sometimes simplicity is key, so here are 6 steps to creating the perfect gin and tonic.

1. Choosing the gin

Craft gin will always be our preference due to the way in which it is made and the huge variety of tastes and botanicals. Whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth, you are a spice fan or like a more herbal taste, there is something for everyone when it comes to craft gins. Think about your taste preferences and the occasion and find the perfect gin.

Gin and tonic in copa glass with lemon wheel


2. The glass

Again, this comes down to personal opinion and taste, however different glasses will give you a different experience. Check out our Gin Glasses Guide for a better understanding of which glass is right for you. You cannot go wrong with a balloon shaped copa in our eyes! The large and wide bowl of the copa glass is shaped to enhance the botanicals in the gin, enhancing the drinking experience which helps to make the perfect gin and tonic. 

Different gin glasses

3. The chilling process

Ice is an essential ingredient for the perfect G&T but remember, this is to chill the drink, not dilute it. Therefore use either loads of ice or one big cube - these giant ice ball moulds would work beautifully.

Ice Balls Mould

4. The 'T'

Just like craft gin, there are hundreds of tonics to choose from these days, so make sure you do your homework to find the right one to compliment your gin. A crisp, classic tonic will go with pretty much all craft gins, however if you fancy something a little different Fever-Tree, Fentimans, Lamb and Watt and London Essence all have interesting flavours. Try pouring the tonic at the very edge of the glass to keep the fizz! 

London Essence Company tonic and gin

5. Stir

Gently stir the ice around the glass to mix the gin with the tonic, try not to over-stir or go too fast or you will flatten the tonic.

6. Garnish

Like the choice of tonic, choose a garnish that will compliment your gin: gins with herbal notes, match with rosemary, mint or fennel. Gins with citrus notes go well with lime, grapefruit or an orange wedge.

Gin Garnishes