The Week in Gin: Dragons' Boxes, extreme gin bars and posh crisps

This week we've had loads going on! Dragons' Den Boxes touched down and new members have been enjoying the Blue Bottle gin tucked away in their parcels. We've learned some fun facts about vermouth and tonic water, while scribbling away 13 extreme gin bars to visit on our next holiday. Topped off with a Spanish Negroni and some black truffle crisps, we've had a beautifully boozy week!

Franklin & Sons share some unbelievable facts about tonic water with us and teach us a bit more about our classic cocktail companion.

The blue beauty in the Dragons' Den Box

Our new Members get a taste of Blue Bottle gin with the delivery of their Dragons' Den Boxes. To see what other treats they've gotten click here.

Cocktail of the Week: Marianito

Spain's answer to the Negroni, this recipe brings out the botanical bounty of gin and vermouth to craft a deliciously sophisticated drink.

5 things you never knew about vermouth

Often a supporting ingredient for your favourite cocktails, here's a few things you never knew about this increasingly trendy tipple.

13 places to have a gin before you die

Let this list of crazy, extreme and unique bars from across the globe be the gin-spiration for your next holiday.

Crisps go Gourmet with this black truffle twist

This posh take on the classic crisp is the tastiest way to show off your elegant side while you snack. But where can you get your hands on such a treat? We've got the answer here.