The blue-bottled beauty in the Dragons' Den Box

New members have opened up their Dragons' Den boxes to unveil a revered favourite, Blue Bottle gin. With its dazzling looks and exceptional taste, it's a very special gin to enjoy.

Inspired by the beauty of blue bottle flies from under the microscope and shimmering intricate patterns of iridescence of its indigo wing, the name quickly became a double entendre as the bottle selected to house the gin is, like the fly, a beautiful blue. The bug’s beauty also directly influenced the choice of slogan for the isle of Guernsey’s first gin: “Look for beauty everywhere.”

Each batch of Blue Bottle is crafted meticulously, and the traditional juniper of gins plays a supporting role here to the delicate scents of local gorse flowers, sweet nutmeg and hints of cubeb pepper. This is a gin that is not only beautiful in its aesthetic, but in its flavour, as well. 

Learn more about this beautiful gin, from its bountiful botanicals to how to craft a perfect Blue Bottle G&T, below:

blue bottle vermouth and franklin and sons tonic

Blue Bottle Artisan Dry Gin

blue bottle dry gin

Award-winning gin from Guernsey, as enjoyed by our Club Members and tasted by the Dragons on BBC2, specially shipped to the UK mainland for our Dragons’ Den box.

Distilled at the Three Fingers Distillery in St Sampsons, Guernsey.

47% ABV


Juniper, coriander, cubeb pepper, cardomom, nutmeg, fresh lemon peel, fresh orange peel
and gorse flowers (locally picked).

Tasting Notes

Traditional juniper is here but doesn’t dominate. You may detect a tropical scent from the local gorse flowers, the sweetness of nutmeg and a hint of spicy cubeb pepper.

Perfect G&T

perfect blue bottle gin and tonic with grapefruit



To best bring out the flavours in your Blue Bottle gin tonic, mix the tonic and gin generously and garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit.