The Week in Gin: Homemade Gin, Eurovision Drinking & Barrel-Aged Gin Negronis

It's the weekend at last! Time to kick back and relax with a nice gin and some quality reading matter. What better than our top round-up of what's been going on in the world of gin this week? Cheers!

How to make your own Gin

While we can’t guarantee it will taste as good as the lovely craft spirits we send our Members every month, whipping up a bit of your own home-made gin is pretty easy - and great fun.


4 Eurovision-tastic Gin Cocktails

 2016’s song contest takes place this weekend and whichever country you’re supporting, these gin cocktails will help keep proceedings well lubricated...


A negroni with a difference

Our Cocktail of the Week is a classic Negroni with one very distinguishing feature: the Windspiel Reserve Gin used to make it is aged in oak barrels, transforming both texture and taste...


Does gin get better with age?

Speaking of that Windspiel Reserve Gin - what exactly does that barrel-ageing do to it? We look at the history and growing trend of using wood to flavour spirits other than whisky...


Meet the Windspiels

How a group of eccentric friends got together to make one of the best gins in Germany, from potatoes! Also - what's the deal with that dog...?