The Week in Gin: #ginproblems, gin lamb and the wonders of sea salt

Ahhh, finally, it's the weekend! What better to do than pour yourself a lovely gin, sit back and relax with our round-up of all the ginny goings on from the past week....cheers!

12 #GinProblems every gin lover understands

We all love gin, obviously, but sometimes with true love, comes true pain. How many of these real-life #ginproblems have you suffered? The struggle is real, people.


Gin & elderflower make the perfect spring drink

One of the treats in our members' April Gin of the Month boxes was some lovely Cornish Orchards' Elderflower Pressé - which just happens to pair perfectly with gin....


This roast lamb & gin recipe is amazing

Created by Tom from Southwestern Distillery using Tarquin's Rosemary & Thyme Gin, this might just be the best roast lamb recipe we've ever tasted! And our members agree...


Gin and salt? Trust us, it's delicious!

The Cornish Sea Salt in our April Gin of the Month boxes works beautifully to enhance the flavours of gin cocktails. Don't believe us? This Salty Dog recipe will convince you!


Green gin is just the thing!

National Gardening Week culminates this weekend, and in celebration (any excuse) we present to you this gorgeously green English Garden Cool cocktail. Perfect for sipping in your own garden - just pray for sunshine!