Cocktail of the Week: English Garden Cooler

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Tarquin gin pic garden

The special Rosemary & Thyme Limited Edition Tarquin's Gin that is our April Gin of the Month is a bit like an English kitchen garden in a bottle. Indeed, it has been inspiring our Club Members to take some wonderful garden-themed image pictures of their gin boxes!

It seems appropriate that we're featuring this wonderful spirit of the garden in the same month as the Royal Horticultural Society's National Gardening Week, which runs this whole week, from the 11th to 17th.

By way of celebration (any excuse), we bring you this wonderful garden-themed cocktail, which also makes use of another of our April box treats, Cornish Sea Salt.

Fresh, green and ginny, this delicious recipe can be made in batches – perfect for parties, or just when you’re feeling particularly thirsty! Make sure you #seasalttherim to really bring the flavours alive. Let's hope for some weekend sunshine so we can enjoy it in its natural habitat!

English Garden Cooler

english garden cooler gin tarquins


Organic cucumber

2 parts pear or apple juice

1 part Tarquin’s Rosemary & Thyme Gin

Fresh Coriander

Cornish Sea Salt

English Rose Petals



1. Mix Cornish Sea Salt with rose petals in a pestle and mortar.

2. Rub a little lime around the rim of the glass, then place the rim in the salt mixture to #seasalttherim!

3. Fill your glass with ice.

4. Pop gin, some cucumber, a small sprig of coriander and the fruit juice into a blender and blitz for a few seconds.

5. Strain the blended mixture through a sieve.

6. Pour slowly over the ice and garnish with fresh coriander.