The Week in Gin: Golden Ticket prizes, extraordinary gin drinks and October's spectacular spirit

Wow! It's been one exceptionally ginny week over here at Craft Gin Club Towers - October's Gin of the Month landed on doorsteps this Monday and Gin Clubbers can't stop raving about it! Our weekly round-up of the best and ginniest news is here to fill you in on everything you may have missed, so grab a G&T and have a scroll to see all the happenings!

Calling all spice lovers! One craft distiller just changed the gin game...

October's Golden ticket has been discovered!

Taking inspiration from Mr Willy Wonka himself, every month we hide a shiny Golden Ticket - completely at random! - in one lucky member's Gin of the Month box. Which Gin Clubber spotted the golden gleam in their box this month?

Cocktail of the Week: Poetic 75

Poetic 75 640x400.png

This twist on the classic French 75 takes October's Poetic License gin and gives it a fabulously fizzy makeover. Here's how you can make your own!

Gin and green juice? Oh kale yeah!

This Kale Tom Collins recipe is our kind of 'superfood smoothie!' Who needs the gym when you have gin, anyway?

Spirit of Expression: the wild spirits behind Poetic License

By the windswept shores of England’s north east coast, one craft distillery is making big, bold gins – and they’ve concocted a bewitching brew just for Craft Gin Club.

October's incredible Poetic License Spiced Cranberry and Orange Rarity Gin

Craft Gin Clubbers discover a true treasure opening their Gin of the Month boxes this week; inside their box, among gorgeous goodies, lies this month's spectacular spirit: Poetic License's Spiced Cranberry and Orange Rarity Gin.

October's Gin of the Month Box is here! What goodies are inside?

GinLord 640x400.png

What special gin will Members be unwrapping in their October boxes?

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