Say hello to the world’s first jalapeño gin!

Stop the presses: jalapeño gin is real, and if you live in the US you can buy it now.

Jalapeno gin Brandywine Branch Distillery DragonDance

Distiller Riannon Walsh of Brandywine Branch Distillery in the US state of Pennsylvania has introduced DragonDance Gin, which uses this hot green chilli as a botanical alongside the slightly more traditional juniper, coriander, angelica, hyssop and meadowsweet.

At first sip of DragonDance, according to Riannon, you’ll taste “fresh lemon, coriander and grass with a tingly bite take shape and quickly dissolve into a lush and velvet mouthfeel.” Feeling sceptical? DragonDance scored a bronze medal at the New York World Wine & Spirits competition!

She says, “DragonDance is the most playful gin in our portfolio to date. I created it to not only challenge the palate but to challenge the enormous cocktail possibilities it brings to the bar and home mixologist. To the best of my knowledge this gin is unlike any gin available on the market today.”

Should you get your hands of a fiery bottle of your very own, Riannon recommends drinking it in a very special G&T garnished with lime and a celery spear, for a tipple that’s both a winter warmer and a summer cooler (just like the best chilis).

You can grab a bottle at Brandywine Branch Distiller’s website or