Week in Gin: spooky cocktails, ginny bakes and a G&...pea?

Cheers to another fabulously ginny week! From starting our week off on the right foot with gin-soaked pancakes, to finishing strong with a list of haunted cocktails to mix up this Hallo-weekend, there's been plenty of BOO-zy fun. Check out all the happenings you may have missed here:

Haunted halloween gin cocktail
Haunted halloween gin cocktail black cat

MEOWZA! Kick off your spooky celebrations early with this delightfully dark drink.

Get your gin on with these Poetic bakes

Haunted halloween gin cocktail poetic pancakes

Nothing beats baking for a drizzly weekend activity, but did you know that you can give your sweet concoctions a ginny kick with Poetic License?

How about a G & Pea?

Gin and pea cocktail

Head to the The Pint Shop in Cambridge for brews, wine and... a gin made of peas!