How about a G & Pea?

Head to the The Pint Shop in Cambridge for an array of brews, bottles of wine and... a gin made of peas!

That's right, the little green veg you either love or hate is now the main botanical in what is (as far as anyone knows) the only gin in the world to use peas.

Tailored Gin from Cambridge Distillery Company

The gin, distilled by The Cambridge Distillery Company, was created specially for the opening of the bar - located on Peas Hill, of course! The gin is served up up with cucumber, mint and tonic in what they call a 'P & Tonic' for £9.70 per glass.

But pea gin isn't the only peculiar concoction the husband and wife team behind The Cambridge Distillery are mixing up. The duo pride themselves on being the very first 'Gin Tailor,' crafting bespoke blends for individuals looking to serve up something truly special. Other unique distillates include Anty Gin, including the essence 'approximately sixty-two wood ants' and Watenshi, a Japanese gin distilled at 'half the pressure found on top of Mount Everest and at a temperature lower than the coldest day recorded at the South Pole'. Now that's a 'cool' drink!