The cold, damp winter is well upon us. Fortunately, Christmas and all of its fun with friends and family is right around the corner. As you prepare for the giving season, you’ll definitely need a little something to warm you up in between shops during your gift buying. You can do better than a cup of tea! Here are the best Christmas cocktails you can get if you’re in London, Manchester or Birmingham.


The Evening Standard rounds up the Capital’s scene with cocktails ranging from eggnog spiked with rum and chai spices at a Bombay-style cafe to a Christmas pudding cocktail made with calvados, Grand Marnier and mulled wine syrup. 


Update: check out these 5 Christmas cocktail recipes from London bars. While you're doing your Christmas shopping, just pick yourself up a couple of bottles of nice craft gins and mixers so that you can relax with an expert cocktail when you get home. The Double Decker from the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel looks particularly gintastic as well as the Classic Martini mixed at the Boundary Hotel's rooftop bar!


From three to five stars, Design my Night lists its five favourite places to have a cocktail for a Mancunian Christmas. On the lower end of the star scale you can taste a mulled cider served in a cinnamon-sprinkled hollowed-out apple or if you’re going all out, head to the Living Room for a Sherbert Sapphire which mixes Bombay Sapphire with passion fruit syrup and peach liqueur. 



If you’re out and about in Brum, the local paper, the Birmingham Mail, has you covered with a list of the cities top 12 Christmas Cocktails. The comprehensive covers drinks like the Candy Cane Sweetie Jar filled with rum, peppermint cordial and berry juice and the cocktail / food pairing of a tequila-based concoction mixed with mince pie liqueur and agave syrup served alongside an actual mince pie.