Five minutes with JJ Goodman from the London Cocktail Club

Meet the masterful mixologist who lent his ginny genius to Craft Gin Club’s exclusive Christmas cocktail: the Yuletide Flip! (Recipe here.)

JJ Goodman London Cocktail Club

How did your career in mixology begin?

I got into the bar industry at 16, cleaning glasses and washing plates. Before I knew it I was spinning wine bottles in my mom’s back garden, and started making cocktails at age 17 in my home town of Worcester. I'm in love with my industry.

Is there a secret to making cracking cocktails for a crowd – at a Christmas party, for example?

If it's Christmastime, I'd recommend pre-making your cocktails – even mulled wine – and then shake or reheat it on the day. That will take the stress out of making every cocktail to order!

Batch Bonne Maman Yuletide Gin Flip

What inspired the fabulous Christmas cocktail you designed for Craft Gin Club?

I love egg nog, but it scares some people. A twist of orange and a splash of Irish cream liqueur to help it along makes for a delightfully creamy cocktail to have with your Christmas pudding!

Can you tell us about your new book, House Party? What inspired it?

I wanted to create a cocktail book that focuses only on supermarket ingredients. You can get any ingredient for any of its 80 drinks easily and cheaply. They’re super easy to make, too. I've even remastered classics like the Mojito and Pornstar Martini, so there's no need for expensive liqueurs or spirits.

What’s your favourite recipe from the book?

I love all of my recipes, especially the "pudding cocktails" – like the “Banoffee Sunday”! “Le Roast Beef” is in the “hangover cures” chapter, and uses beef stock, mustard and horseradish to make one of the best Bloody Marys I've ever had. The "winter warmers" chapter has a Terry's Chocolate Orange Mulled Wine that will blow your stocking off!