10 Christmas garnishes for your G&T!

When you think of the aromas of Christmas, what comes to mind? Orange? Pine? Cinnamon? Even the sweet mint of the candy cane! Well now imagine adding these seasonal scents to your favourite gin!

We love experimenting with different garnishes here at Craft Gin Club , from herbs to flowers, citrus fruits to spices, we have tried them all! We like to keep our notes seasonal, so here are our top 10 Christmas garnishes for you to try this evening!

Pomegranate and rosemary


Not only does it smell like Christmas but it LOOKS like Christmas to!

Vanilla pod and cardamom

vanilla pod.png

Think eggnog and custard on the Christmas pud!

Marashino cherry and lemon twist


This combination has a little bit of a black forest gateau about it!

Cranberry and rosemary


I mean, it’s not Christmas without a cranberry…

Candy cane


These stripy sticks just scream Christmas (and add a lovely sweetness to your gin!)

Cinnamon stick and apple slice


Cinnamon is a key ingredient for Christmas and a slice of apple just adds that extra bit of sweetness!

Clementine segments


Who still gets one of these in their stocking? Pop it in your gin for a traditional Christmas twist!

Dried orange wheel and star anise


Zesty and spicy notes are added to your ginny tipple with this beautiful pairing.

Dried apple wheel and clove


Apple and clove add fruity and warm notes to your drink!

Pine spruce and juniper berry


Engulf your nostrils with the fresh smell of Christmas tree…Christmas in a glass!

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