How to stick to your New Year's resolutions!

Every gin enthusiast knows that the struggle is REAL when it comes to keeping to your New Year’s resolutions! Let’s see how T&E No.1, the crisp and complex beverage which Craft Gin Club members enjoyed in the January box, will help get you to February and beyond.

Make It Exciting

Let’s make every step of 2019 exhilarating! It’s impossible to stick to something that bores you, so find ways to have fun with your resolutions.

For example, if you’re committing to an alcohol-free day or two per week, try T&E’s exceptional, non-alcoholic drink. Sophisticated, subtle and sweet, the notes of apple, elderflower, citrus peel and oak tincture in T&E No. 1 will make sticking to your resolution seriously exciting.

Share It

You can’t have Thomas without Evans! Collaboration is key. You’re far less likely to back out of a resolution if you’re held accountable by a good pal. A community of friends who support each other is a thing of beauty. So is T&E’s beautiful blend of 22 botanicals, where complementary flavours form a gorgeous harmony. If your goal is to be more fit this year or learn a new skill, why not go to the gym or a class with your BFFs, and then discuss your aspirations over this sparkling drink?

Celebrate Your Progress

Resolutions should be a celebration of life, not a vow of self-deprivation! Inject positivity into your quest for wellness – whatever that looks like to you – by praising yourself for your weekly progress.

All Things In Moderation

The best way to stick to pesky resolutions is to make them realistic. It’s not sustainable to cut everything pleasurable out of your life. As Oscar Wilde says, enjoy “everything in moderation, including moderation.” After all, the best people to be around are the ones who have mastered how to be responsible … once or twice a week at least!

T&E No.1 Perfect Serve:


175ml T&E No.1

Slice of green apple

Sprig of rosemary

4 ice cubes


Pour over ice in a large wine glass, then garnish with a thin slice of green apple and a sprig of rosemary.