Would you fork out £4000 for a bottle of craft gin?

We like to think our members get great value for money when it comes to their Gin of the Month box! Why spend £4000 when you can be part of the best gin club in the world and receive a full sized bottle of craft gin every month for £40?!

Harvey Nichols in London Knightsbridge has launched a 70 cl bottle (or in this case jar) of Morus LXIV gin, costing a cool £4000, including an additional 30cl jar.

It is made by London-based Jam Jar Gin - husband and wife Dan and Faye Thwaites and sold in handmade porcelain jars.


So what warrants such a heft price tag? Is it the fact that the spirit is distilled from the leaves of a single 'ancient' Mulberry tree? Is it because each leaf is hand-harvested and individually dried? Or is the artisinal porcelain jars that the liquid is bottled in?

We’re not going to tell you what to do with your money and if you have £4000 to spend on a bottle of gin then go for it! And please let us know what it tastes like!! But, it you want to splash the cash a little more wisely, why not get GINvolved in our fabulous Black Friday deals!

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