Who's up for a 'gin board' at this beautiful gin joint?!

Cornwall is not only home to beautiful beaches, tasty fudge and December’s Gin of the Month, Tarquins Cornish Christmas Gin it is also the backdrop to this month’s gin joint, The Copper Bar and Lounge, Penventon Park Hotel. If you’re near the Cornwall coast this Christmas, we urge you to pop in and give their ‘Gin Boards’ a shot!

The Copper Bar and Lounge, Penventon Park Hotel


Penventon Park Hotel,
West End, Redruth,
TR15 1TE

Nestled in a four-star hotel and spa in the heart of Cornwall, the Copper Bar and Lounge is the perfect spot to imbibe a Christmas cocktail or two.

As Penventon Park Hotel’s Luke Pascoe smiles, “It’s a place that invites you to step back in time, to a place brimming with Georgian glamour, modernised with designer interiors and staff who greet you with the warmest welcome. It’s a place where you can really escape the ordinary.”


This gin joint is suffused with the same beauty as the picturesque Cornish landscape in which it’s situated. It’s located pleasingly close to popular tourist destinations, botanical gardens and, as Luke describes, the views of “golden sand hugging the rugged cliffs that this unique county has to offer.”

What makes this spot extraordinary is how thoughtfully it guides you through the world of gin. The man behind their growing collection of over 160 gins is head bartender Agris.

“Agris really gets to know the independent distillers and the stories behind the gin,” says Luke. Case in point? The Copper Bar and Lounge’s exclusive Gin Tasting Boards. Composed of four shots of gin and a mixer of your choice, served up on a wooden board with garnishes, Luke says, “they’re real conversation starters. You can choose from four bespoke boards, or create your own. It’s good fun for gin lovers with a flair for creativity!”


That’s not the only surprise Agris has up his sleeve. If you can’t decide between the 160 gins in this cosy bar, Luke recommends giving the Gin Roulette Wheel a spin. “Our list of gins corresponds with the number the ball lands on,” he explains. “It’s as simple as that!”

Beautiful all year round, December is the month when the Copper Bar and Lounge truly comes alive. As Luke says, “Christmas kicks off early at the Penventon with over 1,000 people relaxing with delicious dishes and a gin or two before Christmas itself. Our large ballroom boasts plenty of space for revellers to dance the night away with friends, family or their work colleagues”.

Especially enchanting is how on Friday nights you can delight in the festive music of a live brass band and choir, which mingles in the air with the scent of juniper. It’s a splendid accompaniment to the seasonal cocktails.

“All of our seasonal cocktails capture the spirit of winter throughout December,” Luke says. “But my personal favourite is the ‘Honey I’m Home’.” Expertly mixed from honey gin, cranberry juice and apple juice, and garnished with a couple of cranberries, it’s the spirit of the season in a delicious drink – and there’s no better place to enjoy it than the low-key glamour of Copper Bar and Lounge.