Who scored bronze for best gin of 2018?

It's been a busy, gin-filled year here at Craft Gin Club. We've welcomed thousands of new members and sent out some sensational spirits! And as we get ready to welcome in the new year (gin cocktail in hand) we are delighted to announce the best gins of 2018, as voted by our members!

We send out a survey to all of our members each month, receiving valuable feedback on our Gins of the Month, and on all of the treats and mixers included in the box. Last year saw over 25,000 responses for our Gin of the Month boxes, gleaned from questions about both taste and branding.

So without further ado, drum roll please, the gin that has scored bronze is...



Cast your mind back to the start of the year, when January blues were in full swing and sunshine was a distant memory, but only for some! Craft Gin Club members were tucking in to January's Gin of the Month, all the way from the rolling hills of Tuscany - the beautiful Sabatini. The spirit was designed to transport our members to the olive terraces and Tuscan gardens bursting with herbs.

ABV 41.3%


Juniper, Coriander, Orris, Wild Fennel, Lavender, Olive Leaves, Thyme, Lemon, Verbena, Sage

Tasting Notes:

Fresh and herbal on the nose, with lemony hints of the Tuscan countryside, on the palate this gin is full with juniper, balanced beautifully by wild fennel, lemon verbena and thyme. On the finish, Sabatini Gin is long and smooth, the rich botanical flavours combining to give a sophisticated, lingering finish.

Perfect Serve:

Fill a glass with ice and combine 50ml of Sabatini Gin with premium tonic. Garnish with a lemon peel, along with a sprig of either lemon verbena, sage or thyme.

Our members fell in love with this herbaceous, citrus led spirit, and were sure to let us know in the January survey, with comments such as:

“Really lovely taste..good with a range of tonics and herbs, yum!”

“It has a lovely citrus flavour and I love the hint of fennel”

“I really loved this gin and it was gone within 2 weeks :-( Really smooth”

“Truly beautiful - a joy to drink!”

“Sabatini Gin has a beautiful flavour. Can’t wait to try some of your cocktail ideas with it!”

“Love at first taste!”

“First time I'd tried Sabatini Gin..thoroughly enjoyed”

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