What does this craft gin and Marilyn Monroe have in common?

We've sent out some wonderful craft gins in our Gin of the Month boxes. The taste is obviously key, however we do love a good story and a good looking bottle is also important!

So in honour of #InternationalWomans day this Friday, we wanted to share this story with you from our October's Gin of the Month, Burleighs.

The Leicestershire distiller has signed a deal to create the world's first Marilyn Monroe pink gin. It's taken a few months, but Burleighs have successfully negotiated with the estate of the iconic star, to be able to use her branding for this brand new, blushing pink spirit!

The pink bottles feature Monroe in a black swimsuit from the film Love Nest on the front, and the worldwide famous image of the starlet and her billowing white dress in The Seven Year Itch on the back. The gin itself will also be pink and have a slightly sweeter taste to it.


We cannot wait to see and taste this! But will it be as stunning as the icon on the bottle? We think so…