We are so excited about 2019 drink trends!

2018 was a gin-filled year with gin being enjoyed in a number of delicious and sometimes unusual ways! And 'ginnovation' looks set to continue in 2019. Craft Gin Club members are always ahead of the curve when it comes to gin but how many of these trends will you be parti-SIP-ating in, in 2019?!

1. The gin trend continues...

There is no sign of the gin juggernaut stopping as we sip our way into 2019. Trends include the nations ongoing love affair with pink gin, Indian gin is rumoured to be big in 2019 and G&T's in a can will be the perfect picnic companion!

2. Hybrid drinks

Hybrid drinks are basically mixing two kinds of drinks together - gin and wine for example. It may sound slightly weird, however it isn’t just a case of mixing the drinks and hoping for the best, drinks brands carefully select the types of beverages they want to combine to create a unique new drink. For example, Jinzu gin is a blend of gin and sake that, when combined, creates a soft creamy and slightly fruity gin. Similarly, Four Pillars Shiraz combines gin with shiraz grapes with the result being lovely and sweet on the palate with a spicy finish. Look out for more of these hybrid tipples coming out of craft gin distilleries in 2019.


3. Vermouth

We've been raving about vermouth for ages now and it is set to be big this year. Back in May 2017’s Gin of the Month we sent out a bottle of Bordiga Vermouth and the V&T was born! There are also loads of of gin cocktails that feature this fortified wine so this is a trend we will be definitely getting GIN-volved in this year! Make sure you have a bottle on your drinks trolley!


4. Gin tastings

Here at Craft Gin Club we hold gin tastings every week to taste all the gins that could potentially appear in the Gin of the Month box. More and more of our members are now hosting their own gin tastings as it is a great opportunity to discover new gins, refine your palate and also just get your gin loving pals together to GIN-duldge in some tasty craft gins! 2019 will see more pubs and bars hosting gin tastings as the trend continues to grow. Fancy throwing your own gin tasting? Check out our guide: How to host your very own gin tasting


5. Gin subscriptions

Call us biased but we recon the best way to discover and celebrate new gin in 2019 is by joining Craft Gin Club! Not only do you receive a full-size bottle of exclusive gin every one, two or three months, we send out paired mixers for the perfect cocktail, sweet & savoury snacks and a glossy club magazine full to the brim with information about the gin, cocktail and cookery recipes and loads more ginny fun! And as of February we have started to include all the ingredients you need for the perfect G&T and all the ingredients for the cocktail of the month…you will be a gin connoisseur in no time at all!  


6. Low or no alcohol

Now, you don't have to be a scientist to know that booze isn't generally regarded as 'healthy' so the idea of 'healthy alcohol' is somewhat of an oxymoron. However many alcohol companies are becoming increasingly aware of the general movement towards healthier lifestyles, which include a lot of people being more mindful of their alcohol consumption and they recognise things need to change to stay current. More and more gin distillers are looking to lower their ABVs without sacrificing on taste and companies like Seedlip, launched a non-alocholic premium spirit in 2018 with the tag line "What to drink when you're not drinking"