Visit a secret gin garden

Craft Gin Club is all about enjoying and experimenting with gin, in the comfort of your own home. We now include all the elements you need to make the perfect G&T in our Gin of the Month boxes, plus all the ingredients for the cocktail of the month. And this secret gin garden has inspired us to start thinking about how we can use our gardens to enrich our gin journey even more!


After the lovely weather we experienced at the weekend, we are looking forward to spring and all the joy (and gin) it brings! So much so, we had to let you all know about a secret gin garden, bursting with herbs and botanicals grown solely for the purpose of making and enjoying gin.

The garden is located at Edinburgh-based gin Old Curiosity's distillery, in the picturesque setting of the Pentland Hills. The garden boasts over 1000 juniper bushes, 500 herbs and flowers that are all handpicked, dried and included in the distillation process of the brand's gin.


Visitors to the distillery are invited to take a stroll around the garden, as part of the distillery tour and get the chance to see how nature plays a part in making of our favourite spirit.

Want to have a crack at growing your own gin garden? Here are our essential items needed to grow your own gin garden at home!