Turn your home into a jungle paradise!

If you’re a Craft Gin Club member, you got to enjoy a beautiful Bolivian gin with Amazonian botanicals this GINuary - and just may feel inspired to bring the Rainforest to your own home! Whether you have a green thumb or every plant you’ve ever owned has met a premature end, our friends at Patch have some easy-to-follow tips that will make your home a veritable Amazon.

Step One: Pick Your Plants Carefully

Patch A.jpg

Picking the right plant is half the battle. Start with the spot you want to fill. Is it sunny? Shady? Right next to the radiator or adjacent to a particularly bitter draft? There’s a plant that will suit it perfectly. Head to patch.garden to search for plants well-suited to your space.

Step Two: Resist the Water

Overwatering your plants is worse than leaving them to dry – and much more common. Before you water your plants, stick your finger into the soil up to the first knuckle. Still damp? Put the watering can away for another day.

Step Three: Mix It Up

For an indoor jungle with maximum impact, the plant experts at Patch recommend mixing small plants – which you can place on table tops and shelves – with medium and large plants on the floor. The contrast in height will add to the impact, and you can even experiment with hanging plants from the ceiling for a real ‘wow’ factor.

Patch’s Most Popular Indoor Plants

Patch B.jpg

These easy-to-care-for plants are the cornerstone of a lazy gardener’s urban jungle!

Kentia Palm, AKA Big Ken

Easy to care for, safe for animals and children. What’s not to like?

Golden Pothos, AKA Rapunzel

Striking, low maintenance and great at removing toxins from the air.

Ficus Lyrata, AKA Fidel

Glossy, gorgeous and good for cleaning your home’s air.

Snake Plant, AKA Susie

A hardy beauty who can stand a long time without water – the perfect starter plant!

Peace Lily, AKA Pippa

A bathroom wonder who loves shady spots and humidity.