Why it's so important to GINdulge in some 'me time'

In the hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy to let the days slide by – and, before we know it, precious moments are consigned to history.


Fortunately, discovering delicious Bahlsen Crunchy Hazelnut Choco Moments in your September Gin of the Month box is the perfect excuse to kick back with a cocktail, indulge a little and look back on life’s most amazing moments.

For 129 years, Bahlsen has been making delicious (and world-famous!) Leibniz biscuits at their factory in Germany. As pioneers of perfectly-baked biscuits for more than a century, the Bahlsen family has always understood the value of taking the time to treat yourself.

And, with the release of their latest delicacy – Crunchy Hazelnut Choco Moments, the perfect combination of Leibniz biscuit, thick creamy chocolate and moreish hazelnut – this family-run company has produced the perfect biscuit to make your ‘me time’ a moment of ultimate bliss.


As the days grow shorter and the weather starts to turn, curl up with your Crunchy Hazelnut Choco Moments. Whether you use the time to enjoy the present or reflect on some of the amazing gin moments in your past, remember: there’s always time to treat yourself!