Top 10 funny gin names - Glitter Muff anyone?

Taste is obviously key when it comes to selecting what craft gins go into our Gin of the Month boxes, however brand also plays a big part in our selection process. A pretty bottle, or a great brand story will ramp up the chances of featuring in our boxes, but these names may be slightly too risque! What do you guys think? Would you like to see a bottle of Glitter Muff in your Gin of the Month box?!

Feckin Gin


We can see Father Jack taking a fancy to this one!

Glitter Muff


There. Are. No. Words.

Strange Donkey


We think after a few sips of Strange Donkey we may be feeling a little wonky donkey…

Ink Gin


On paper, this gin looks pretty good!



We’re already a sucker for gin!

Death's Door

You may feel this way the next morning if you attempt the whole bottle!

Sharish Blue Magic Gin

Share the magic!

Big Dipper Gin

We recommend you don’t drink this one while riding the big dipper…

Anty Gin


No, it’s no opposed to gin…it’s made of ants! 62 per bottle in fact!

Broken Heart Gin


The perfect tipple for when you’ve been dumped maybe?

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