This new popcorn flavour is POPtastic

Whether straight from the bush on a Swedish farm or in the stands at a British sporting event, strawberry is the quintessential taste of summer around the world – and the Poshcorn in your Gin of the Month box is simply bursting with it.

Tyrrell's strawberry popcorn.jpg

From a picturesque farm in beautiful Herefordshire comes the snack of the summer: the Summer Strawberries and Cream Poshcorn in your August Gin of the Month box!    

Known by snack lovers across the UK as purveyors of perfect popcorn – every bag is hand-popped on Tyrrells Court Farm, using only the finest, gold-standard popcorn – there’s an adventurous streak to this brand that comes through in amazing, special-edition flavours like the bag in your box.    

As Sarah Stephens of Poshcorn says: “We’re always experimenting with new flavours, and this one was an instant hit, with the sweetness of the cream alongside the fruitiness of the strawberry. It’s a lipsmacking pairing – a traditional English combination in popcorn form!”     While Poshcorn has a whole raft of new flavours coming in 2019, they simply
couldn’t resist bringing this old favourite back for the summer season.      

Sarah says, “We launched this flavour a few years ago, and it was a great success, so we didn’t want to disappoint this year!”    

Perfect with a picnic or as a sweet afternoon snack, there’s one more serving that Sarah wholeheartedly endorses. As she laughs, “With a gin and tonic, of course! The sharpness of the gin cuts through the sweetness of the popcorn.”    

Whether alongside a classic Dry Island Gin and Tonic or the ultra-refreshing strawberry lemonade here, your Tyrrell’s Summer Strawberries and Cream Poshcorn is the key to a boozy afternoon bursting with berry flavour!