This Is What People Love About Gin

If you’ve ever wondered what is craft gin, what gin is made from or why people love gin so much then you’ve come to the right place. As the UK’s number one gin club, we have access to gin fans from across the the country. We asked some of them what it is they love about drinking gin and the response was incredible. Someone even wrote a poem!


It’s something you can share. - Rob K.

Drinks cheers.png

What’s not to love? - Cathy H.

At the end of a long day it’s heaven in a glass! - Sally Y.

The huge variety of flavours so you never get bored! - Angela W.

It’s so aromatic and makes you feel so cosy! xx - Amanda Y.

Because I can actually taste the subtleties of the botanicals. - Sam S.

My mum first drank it in posh cocktails back in the 60s, so the smell makes me have a happy heart and reminds me of her. <3 - Victoria C.

Every three months when my box arrives, I open it up to see my surprise. Amazing treats are found within, A mag to read and my bottle of gin. So to Craft Gin Club a big thank you! I raise my glass (I raise a few). May next year’s gin be just as swell. I’m a gin lover (can you tell!).

- Leone C.