8 Things Only Your Gin Pal Will Understand

There's only one thing better than enjoying a delicious bottle of craft gin and that's enjoying it with your friends who also love gin. Invite your gin pals to join Craft Gin Club and they'll get £15 off their first box. You'll also get £15 off your next box for each friend you sign up - it's a gin-gin situation! If you refer them before midnight on Monday, they'll be one of the first to receive August's fruity summer box.

1. When you discover you're both gin fans.

The way you spend time together is forever changed because this is a bond that cannot be broken. The juniper led spirit has forged a friendship that will stand the test of time. Every conversation will be about gin e.g what's your favourite gin? Which gin joint should we visit? OMG, did you see that gin?

2. The amazing goodness that is Craft Gin Club

You've been a member for a while, but they've just discovered us, thanks to you. They can't fathom the idea that there's a gin subscription service. They can't quite understand how every month,  they'll receive the world's finest small-batch gin, including rare and exclusive editions not available elsewhere. In addition, they'll get delicious mixers and treats too.

3. Bargain hunting

With such great taste comes a price tag. But did you know, if you introduce a friend to Craft Gin Club you both save £15! Send an invite to them to join Craft Gin Club and tell them to use the code GINPALS15 to claim their £15 off. 

4. The shock horror when someone decides to drink something other than gin.

U okay hun? Is this first thing you think before constantly asking why they are not drinking gin. Because to you, this is a ginmageddon. 

5. The feeling you get after a boozy bender 

You've been sipping all night, without quite realising actually how much you've had. The next day, you tell your gin pal you're never drinking again. However, you both know that's the biggest lie because the next gin o'clock,  you'll be back. 

6. When you discover your new favourite gin 

The feeling is indescribable but your gin pal totally gets it. They know exactly what it means to find a gin that leaves your taste buds dancing with joy. They completely understand that your new discovery deserves to be celebrated BIG!

7. The answer is gin.

Your gin pal doesn't care what the question is, they just know gin is worth a shot. A friend in need is a friend indeed. So when you call asking for help, they are there in a heartbeat ready to help you out.

8. When you receive your Craft Gin Club delivery

It's the best feeling. You walk to the door and BOOM! It's your Gin of the month box packed with ginny goodness. It's like Christmas every month and no one but your gin pal will understand the feeling you derive from that box!