These gin mixers are 'heart' stoppingly good!

Whether you are a traditional classic tonic kind of gin fan or like to mix it up a bit, Merchant’s Heart premium mixers have a flavour for everyone. Craft gin clubbers are spoilt for choice in February’s Gin of the Month box, as we have sent both the classic tonic and the pretty in pink hibiscus tonic for them to try!


Like all great partnerships, when premium craft spirits meet Merchant’s Heart tonics, both become better. But which would you choose?

When it comes to finding your perfect match, it’s hard to resists someone who wants to see you shine. The same principle applies to pairing your beloved Gins of the Month with a mixer – and Merchant’s Heart tonics and premium spirits were quite literally made for each other.

As Jason Sennit of Merchant’s Heart explains, “Our liquids have powerful flavours at the start and on the finish, but they mellow out in the middle to allow the full flavour of the spirit to come through.”


Unlike other tonics, which may use gimmicky flavours or bitter quinine that mask the flavour of the gins they’re mixed with, Merchant’s Heart’s unique chemistry is designed to put gin at the heart of your G&T. This ‘hollow centre’ allows the botanical flavours of your favourite gin to come through loud and clear.

Jason continues, “The spirit is still the star, and you can either highlight those flavours or add in new ones to make something even better.”

When you consider the amazing range of Merchant’s Heart flavours, from floral to pink peppercorn to the hibiscus in your February Gin of the Month box, the possibilities are endless. And that’s not all.

Jason says, “We work hard to ensure that our carbonation is first class, which ensures that all of the wonderful flavours from the gin and the tonic are carried to the nose for a full appreciation of taste and flavour.”

For a truly romantic Valentine’s day tipple, combine this month’s gorgeous Gin of the Month with the Hibiscus Tonic, then top with dried hibiscus flowers or rose petals.

“I know that I shouldn’t have a favourite,” laughs Jason, “but I do, and it’s hibiscus! It bubbles and bursts with sophistication. I’ve yet to find a style of gin it doesn’t work well with.”


With every flavour in the range available at Sainsburys, it’s easy to mix and match until you find the gin and tonic of your dreams. What amazing flavour combinations will you uncover?

“A perfect G&T should be bubbly, balanced and packed full of flavour,” says Jason. “You should be able to detect the array of botanicals that have been carefully drafted into the gin, and these should pair perfectly with the flavours in the tonic. With Merchant’s Heart’s hollow centre, epic carbonation and exquisite flavours, the perfect GF&T is now within reach!”

Merchant’s Heart Hibiscus Gin and Tonic



Pack a copa glass with ice and add your gin. Top up with tonic and garnish with dried hibiscus flowers or rose petals for a truly romantic tipple.


50ml Naud Gin
150ml Merchant’s Heart Hibiscus Tonic
Dried hibiscus flowers, to garnish

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