These biscuits are taking the gin world by storm!

Still on the hunt for the perfect gin O’clock snack? Well, call off the search…we think we’ve found what you’ve been looking for, in the form of The Drinks Bakery, Drinks Biscuits in our July Gin of the Month box!

Let’s unpack the flavour profile of DRINKS BISCUITS – Pecorino, Rosemary & Scottish Seaweed Made Especially for Gin!

Creating the biscuits in our July box has been a lifelong journey for The Drinks Bakery founder Andy Murray.

As he explains, “It all started with my parents. My mum and dad were foodies back in the 70s, before it was cool.”

Every summer, his family would take their campervan on a culinary adventure around Europe. Andy continues: “Wherever we stopped for the night, my parents would always match their aperitif with what they ate. That respect for local flavours and matching drinks was always part of our family DNA.”


After watching the emergence of craft drinks over the last twenty years, Andy realised that the snack market had hardly changed. He wanted to share his family’s appreciation for the partnership between snacks and spirits and The Drinks Bakery was born.

“We’re very proud that we make them in the Highlands of Scotland,” says Andy. “That’s part of the story and one of the reasons why they’re so tasty!”

But what about the three flavours in these delicious Drinks Biscuits makes them especially suited to your next gin tipple?

Scottish Seaweed

This ingredient will allow you to appreciate your favourite gins in entirely new ways!

Seaweed has that lovely, briny salinity from the sea and rather than overpowering gin, it magnifies the flavours and nuances of gin botanicals.

Seaweed is full of umami, sometimes called the fifth taste element. It provides a satisfying savoury note to these Drinks Biscuits, adding a rich fullness and extra dimension to the gin it accompanies.

The seaweed you’ll find in your Drinks Biscuits matched especially for gin is hand-harvested from the wild shores of Scotland, making it the perfect companion for Theodore Pictish Gin!


The aromatic, sharp qualities of the very best Romano Pecorino balances so nicely with gin that even if you don’t normally do the cheeseboard thing, you’ll be hooked.

High quality, firm cheeses like pecorino are able to ‘stand up’ to the strong flavour of the spirit on the palate.

Andy keeps the gin-friendly flavours intact by sourcing his cheese from a world-class cheesemonger. “It’s important to bake with the best quality cheese or the fat evaporates, and you lose all the flavour,” he explains.


Rosemary has a lemon-pine flavour which works splendidly with juniper-led G&Ts and citrus garnishes. It makes Drinks Biscuits for gin the perfect complement to July’s Perfect G&T, with its grapefruit garnish and the kaffir lime, citric pomelo and pine in Theodore Pictish Gin!


Please visit The Drinks Bakery for a map of amazing stockists. Also available online with Amazon and Yumbles. And if you are a Craft Gin Club member, you can now buys these sensational snacks on our members store!