The perfect gin glasses for Unicorn Tears gin

It’s the gin liqueur that divided a nation of gin lovers! Unicorn Tears was created by novelty gift company Firebox and has sparked a huge love/ hate discussion across the internet, you could say it is the ‘Marmite’ of the gin world!

Here at Craft Gin Club we celebrate only the best craft gins and work with small batch distilleries all over the world, therefore you probably won’t find a bottle of Unicorn Tears gin liqueur in your Gin of the Month box.

However, we do have a sense of humour and we do think its pretty and a bit of fun!


On that note (and with Halloween parties on the horizon) we thought we would let all you fantasy-loving gin fans know that we have found the perfect glasses to sip your shimmering Unicorn Tears from!


These golden copas are from Asda and at £7 for two you’ll be pushed to find a better reciprocal for your mythical tipple!

If, like us, you prefer the proper stuff, check out the selection of beautiful craft gins we have worked with!